Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tracing the Roots of 3D Printing

There have been talks of 3D printing being used to make practically everything, from houses to rifles to human organs. Some even say that this technology can be used to make food sustainable in countries where food reserves are low. Sounds like science-fiction, right? For a long time, it was, but not anymore. Believe it or not, there have been researches about this technology since the 1980s and the most groundbreaking of them all is when Charles Hull created the first commercial 3D printer in 1984. Since then, a lot of studies have been made that have helped develop 3D printing. In the next few years, don’t be surprised if this printer reaches your home.  

The idea behind 3D printing is very simple. It makes use of a digital file and transforms it into a physical object. Still, while the idea may be simple, the process itself is very complex. Nonetheless, it’s a magnificent technology that can be valuable in various fields even if it’s not getting enough credit for its potential. It may be the most significant invention of the 20th century, but we still need a lot of time to perfect the technology.    

This amazing infographic from Printerinks traces the rich history of 3D printing and how far it has gone, especially in terms of human organ transplants.   


  1. 3D printing is yet another astounding development in the printing industry. This could tandem with the manufacturing industry to make even better products. It's really exciting how this technology would evolve as time goes by.

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