Friday, August 24, 2012

Fast Facts on Paper, Printing, and Ink

Paper was first used in 105 AD during the Han Dynasty in China and spread slowly to other countries over the years. Centuries later, we still use paper for practically everything—toilet paper, newspaper, receipts, magazines, packaging, and the list goes on. Just image the amount of paper we have used since it was first invented until today and we can probably fill thousands of rooms with them. Here are some facts about paper that you probably don’t know yet:

·         An average American uses 7 trees in a year for paper and other products made from trees.
·         1 ton of paper makes 400 reams, which equals to about 200,000 sheets.
·         Benjamin Franklin is the first American paper merchant.
·         Paper was so scarce during the American Revolution that soldiers had to rip pages from books to use as filling for their riffles. 
·         Based on a Xerox study, U.S. corporations spend $120 billion each year on paper forms.


Printing remains one of the most effective ways to share and exchange information these days. According to a survey conducted by Doremus and the Financial Times, 60% of senior executives said that they turn to print when they want in-depth analysis. Correspondingly, the 3rd annual Signs of the Times national survey conducted by FedEx revealed that 61% small business owners consider traditional marketing methods as more effective than web-based marketing methods at bringing in customers. These reveal that print remains effective even if we are highly technical and digital these days. Here are some fast facts about printing:


Printing companies and individual printers have wide choices of ink these days. Companies like HP, Epson, and Canon each have their own specialized inks designed for their own printers. And despite predictions that the printing industry is waning, home printers have made the ink industry secure for at least the next few years. Here are some fast facts about ink as stated in an article from the San Francisco Chronicle:

·         A typical printer cartridge is more expensive than a Dom Perignon champagne or a Chanel No. 5.
·         In 2003, the ink and toner industry was a $32.5 billion industry.
·         HP spends about $1 billion per year on research and development for imaging and printing.

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  1. Seven trees in a year seems too destructive. As time passed by, people have become less careful regarding the responsible use of paper. A tree takes several years to mature. And if we look at it closely, it won't be long until our forests disappear. Yes, we understand the indispensability of paper. But we should know how to balance our need with our resources.