Friday, March 1, 2013

Digital Print Invasion

Print is originally the main source of information. People from all corners of the world depend on it for news, entertainment, data, and all other forms of information. However, print is recently under a lot of stress, primarily because of the onset of digital technology. Companies these days are choosing the new platform over print to save on production cost. Magazines, for instance, are creating digital editions for iPads and smartphones to give people better—and cheaper—access to their materials. Other companies are exploring mobile and social media as alternative business cards. In just a few minutes, anyone can have access to the information needed without spending a dime.

Digital invasion is also apparent in commercial printing. A lot of companies and print professionals are now crossing over to digital printing in the hope of saving more and printing better materials. Lithography is rapidly getting left behind as digital printing machines can produce more materials at quicker speed and lesser waste. Suffice to say that anywhere you are or whatever industry you belong, digital is rapidly overtaking print.

Take a look at this infographic from Xerox and see how digital printing is transforming the printing industry.     


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