Saturday, March 16, 2013

Print Lamination: Is It the Better Option?

When producing marketing materials the last thing on your mind is lamination. Aside from being expensive, the printing process will make your materials look bulky and heavy. They’ll be much harder to distribute and keep since they can’t be folded and stashed in a small purse or envelope. That is, however, all in the past. Today, lamination has improved a lot and doesn't cost much anymore. There are also a variety of choices in thickness that’ll make the materials easier to carry or hand out. Thanks to modern technology, laminated printing is now a work of art.

Lamination basically involves the process of enclosing a printed piece between two clear plastic films. The purpose is to protect the material from stain and water, prolong its life, and add sheen to its overall look. This printing technique is often done on restaurant menus, flyers, door hangers, and even showroom displays. When framing is not an option, lamination is the most ideal option. However, lamination is permanent so before going about the process make sure everything is in order. The design and printed words cannot be undone, hence, the need for thorough checking.

Other important things to consider in laminated printing includes:

1. Gloss or matte? If you want your materials to look shiny, go for a glossy finish, but if you want a softer look to your printed materials, matte is the better option.

2. Square or rounded corners? If the materials will be handed out and handled often, it’s best if they have rounded corners, but if you want an edgy look and the printed pieces are supple enough to make them safe to handle, a square corner will suffice.  

3. Thickness. There are a variety of thicknesses you can choose from. If you want to fold your materials (such as for menus) lamination should be 3 mil (.003”) or less, but if want a firm-looking printed piece use a thicker laminate film.  

Lamination can bring additional luster to materials. Done well, it will give your business a more professional appeal and help save money in the long run. Plus, you’ll get greater chance of bringing in more sales leads as your marketing materials look more impressive and reliable. This just proves that laminated printing shouldn't be at the bottom of your to-do list rather on top it.

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